1 more follower and we’ll be 2000!! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I’m sketching a Thank you + Jelsa drawing to celebrate it, hope I finish it on time.

I know that when I reached 1000 I said I’d make a freebie (a Jelsa wallpaper) but art thieves/reposters stopped me from doing so. That also explains the lack of Jelsa lately (among other reasons), only keeping the fic up (which feedback uplifts me so much, I’m so thankful!).

So, I’m very sorry if you really expected that from me, but now I think those bad-doers shouldn’t stop the rest of you from enjoying shipping art, it’s not fair. Thus, I’m going to try finish something rather decent to celebrate that you guys -old and new- still tag along (*TωT*)/

Thank you! <333

where do you get the versions of the songs from your playlist?

Hello there, winterkissedangel!!

Sorry for the late reply. I actually get this question a lot but I don’t remember if I ever replied publicly.

Anyway, I just search them in YouTube! I write the tittle of the song and add “music box version” to it. I could only put 5 songs here but in my personal blog I have the extended playlist (player/theme issues).

Some songs I liked didn’t have a music box version made, but for example, this user has made a ton! :)

Hope it helped! <33

I just discovered your fic and I absolutely love it! I'm dying for it is so beautifully written (now I'm talking like Elsa). Congratulations, it's amazing. Can't wait for chapter eight! 👏

Aawwww thank you so much fangirling-stuff​!!!!! <3333333
so bad I don’t have gifs available atm to express my emotions graphically lol

Thank you so much for letting me know! Next chapter is about done, I’ll upload it before the weekend, probably :D

Write 10 facts about yourself and send this to 10 of your favorite followers :)

Awww thank you so much, kuro-d sweetie!! <33333

Well, here we go again! If you weren’t bored of Ael-facts yet

  1. I hate gossip. I avoid anything gossiping-related like the plague. Because of that, I also feel negative about people who enjoys it, but I try not to judge much -.- it’s difficult

  2. I can’t file my nails unless my fingertip is touching/pressing against a surface. If I don’t do that, it gaves me chills and feels very unconfortable for some reason ._.

  3. I’ll never get used to receive compliments, especially those related to my physical appearance, you know, “omg you/your XXX are so XXXX” and I’m like “Wat? eheheheheeeaskjajkjafahfakhjka—-*furiously blushes and dies*”. Much awkward. Wow.

  4. Imma fab nerd, apparently. Some friends or just people who met me say I don’t *look* like one, which is so stupid if you stop to think about it. I only have a few nerdy items, tshirts mostly, to wear or show in public. 60% goes for “nerdy stuff is fricking expensive life’s not fair” and the 40% left is “I actually give a damn about fashion, sue me”. But then there’s this friend who thinks just like me, who told me “Well it’s fine if you love something but don’t feel the need to show it around all the time, it just makes you truer to yourself and your tastes”. Preach!

  5. I would love to see my hair red-colored, auburn or copper-ish (I’m brunette) but I’m a wuss puss to dye it *caresses own hair while mumbling my precious*
    Bravest thing I did on my hair was trying reddish/pinkish hair-chalk on my hair tips once (and it looked so rad lol), but that was too punk for me to do it more permanently xD

  6. I’m nearly ALWAYS listening to music. Buying a new mp3 player was a need.

  7. Talking about music, it actually inspires me a lot -to draw I mean. It doesn’t even matter which kind of music it is. I just got an idea for my elven OCs from a Ricky Martin song. Welp.

  8. Just in case you didn’t notice yet, 75-85% of the stuff I start ends unfinished. I’m very impulsive so I try to get things done in the very same moment I get the spark, which means sleepless nights most of the time…

  9. …also because I’m creature of the night. I love the night. I find it magical and mysterious. I like to be awake at night, everything’s so calm, perfect to work. I love to watch the moon and the stars.
    This probably relates to my childhood obssession with the sky and its elements. I had books about stars and planets and used to know what Mercury’s atmosphere was made of.

  10. Biggest spot on my body is located on my back. I didn’t like it much when I was little but now I kind of love it, haha. It’s like a trademark of my body, a touch, a detail, something mine.

I forgot to tag people in the other post so now I have to send like 20 messages but ain’t nobody got time for that D: So if you follow me and feel like sharing a bit about yourself feel free to write “@aelfethart tagged me” lol

Out to the beach!

Grandparents rented a flat there so I’ll be visiting them until Sunday.

Left a mini mini queue and a half-done next chapter for my Jelsa Princess Bride!AU fic :D

I’m only bringing my sketchbook and the Lord of the Rings book xD

See you soon!!! <333

Watching: TV in my language, finally
Reading: The Lord of the Rings
Listening to: the sound of my own procrastination

Slow blogging - Summer holidays! :)